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Matis Paris Beauty Products

Matis is a prestigious, internationally renowned beauty brand. Its unique products, protocols, methods and treatment techniques have been the benchmark of the beauty industry for 25 years. In an ongoing drive for innovation, Matis, which has its own laboratory, offers 12 retail product lines combined with professional treatments. Matis offers a host of tailored solutions to enhance face and body for both men and women. 

Reponse Jeunesse:  A preventative anti-aging line that helps to preserve and prolong the youthful reserves of the skin.  Great for those that want to fight the effects of aging. Helps to restore the hydration and beauty of skin. 

Reponse Corrective: A line of products that target and correct fine lines and wrinkles. Great for all those around age 30 and up that are looking for a way to erase those fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to  relax the muscle, plump up the wrinkle and restructure the skin. 

Reponse Temps: A targeted high-performance line that meets the specific needs of mature skin. Great for a mature skin type seeking to hydrate and prevent loss of elasticity. Helps to restructure and illuminate the skin. 

Reponse Delicate: A line of skincare products specifically designed to nourish sensitive or reactive skin. Great for a sensitive, rosacea prone skin type. Helps to nourish, soothe and protect sensitive skin. 

Reponse Purete: An innovative line of skincare for combination to oily skin.Great for oily, acne prone skin types. Helps correct blemishes in intolerant skin and helps to promote a visibly healthier, mattified complexion.

Reponse Yeux: A complete line designed to care for the eye area. Great for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Helps to restore radiance to the eye area. 

Reponse Vitalite: A skincare line dedicated to tired, dull skin. Great for those whose skin is subjected to stress, pollution and harsh everyday factors. Helps give back that radiant complexion. 

Reponse Blanche: A line of clarifying products designed to help reduce pigmentation. Great for those with sun damage or age spots. Helps bring back that bright, even complexion. 

Reponse Corps: A line of skin care products designed specifically for the body. Great for toning, slimming and beauty. Helps hydrate, nourish and firm the skin on your body. 

Reponse Homme: A line designed specifically for a man's skin. Great for any man looking to take care of their skin with active ingredients and attractive textures. Helps the skin achieve a healthy glow with exfoliating and hydrating ingredients leaving a shine-free finish. 

Reponse Soleil: A line of sunscreen and self tanners with light, non-greasy textures and summery fragrances. Great for those who refuse to put their skin to the mercy of the sun's rays, wonderful self tanners. Helps to protect the skin against free radical damage as well as skin cancers. 



View: Matis Purifying Gel Cleanser

Matis Purifying Gel Cleanser

AM/PM cleansing gel. Refreshing, light, and oil-regulating with a foamy texture that is appreciated by oily skin types.

View: Matis Le Lait  Enriched Cleanser

Matis Le Lait Enriched Cleanser

A moisturizing and nourishing cleanser with caviar extracts and marine collagen for all skin types except oily.

View: Matis Densifiance Serum

Matis Densifiance Serum

A firming serum for day and night.

View: Matis La Nuit Regenerating Cream

Matis La Nuit Regenerating Cream

Fortified and looking more beautiful than ever, your skin is left feeling smooth and rested.

View: Matis Absolute Soothing Serum

Matis Absolute Soothing Serum

Emergency rescue for skin at its crisis point.
For Men... takes the soreness out of shaving.

View: Matis Cleansing Cream, delicate and Sensitive

Matis Cleansing Cream, delicate and Sensitive

Ultra gentle creamy cleanser to soothe and moisturise delicate and sensitive skin and remove all traces of make-up.

View: Matis Body Well Being SOS Nutrition

Matis Body Well Being SOS Nutrition

An exceptionally ultra-rich cream for the body. Great for dry skin.

View: Matis Body Well Being Roll-On Deodorant

Matis Body Well Being Roll-On Deodorant

An alcohol-free roll on deodorant for men and women.

View: Matis Body Well-Being Shower Gel

Matis Body Well-Being Shower Gel

A bath and shower gel to effciently cleanse, remineralize and relax.

View: Matis Smoothing Cellulite Care

Matis Smoothing Cellulite Care

A cellulite cream gel that tones, resculpts and improves the appearance of orange peel skin.

View: Matis Essential Cleansing Emulsion

Matis Essential Cleansing Emulsion

Face make-up remover for all skin types

View: Matis Essential Cleansing Foam

Matis Essential Cleansing Foam

An ultra gentle foaming cleanser to leave the skin soft and supple suitable for all skin types