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If pregnancy, child birth, and/or aging have resulted in the formation of spider veins on your legs, a procedure called sclerotherapy can greatly diminish or eliminate them. Sclerotherapy involves the use of a tiny needle to inject a small amount of targeted medication into the skin where the spider veins are visible. The sclerotherapy treatment causes the spider veins to collapse and be naturally reabsorbed into the patient's system.

Dr. Jean C. Buhac, a surgical and cosmetic dermatologist who performs the procedures, often recommends a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatments to eliminate the spider veins. Combining sclerotherapy with Candela V-beam laser treatments has proven to be a highly effective way to correct the problem.

If the appearance of spider veins is making you feel self-conscious or less attractive, we encourage you to contact SpaCitySpa to learn more about sclerotherapy. To schedule a consultation in our Saratoga Springs office and discuss how sclerotherapy can improve your appearance, call SpaCitySpa at 518-581-1888 or email us. We look forward to answering all your questions about sclerotherapy and helping you realize your potential.

Below, you'll find some commonly-asked questions about what to expect from sclerotherapy. Additional information on sclerotherapy can be found on our laser vein removal page. Many of our patients have been delighted with the results achieved from sclerotherapy procedures and/or laser vein removal, and we encourage you to consider this procedure for yourself. If the emergence of spider veins are troubling you, review the online information we offer on sclerotherapy, and then call SpaCitySpa to take the next step.

Overview of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective FDA-approved method of removing unsightly spider veins. It requires no down time and is a simple office-based procedure with minimal discomfort and few side effects. It is commonly used in conjunction with laser vein treatment to optimize and yield excellent results in treating spider veins.

Most commonly asked questions are:

Am I a candidate?
Yes. If you have pink or purple fine veins scattered along your legs.

Is it painful?
There is a slight burning sensation and/or cramping which lasts approximately 30 seconds following an injection.

When can I exercise?
Two days after injection.

Are there any precautions I have to take after the treatment?
Support hose needs to be worn for 2 weeks straight with some exceptions of course.

Will the spider veins come back?
Individuals may develop new vessels near the site of previously treated veins if there is a family and individual history of varicose veins and such an individual does not wear support hose and has a job where he or she is standing for prolonged periods of time. Individuals on estrogen will experience a diminished result and greater likelihood of recurrence.

What are the side effects?
There is a temporary risk of tan pigmentation near the site of injection. Rarely, there may be matting, which is term describing the formation of very fine, hair-like vessels in the vicinity of the treated spider veins. This occurrence is easily treated with laser vein removal.