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Skin Types


 Characterized by excess oil or sebum production. Typically larger pores. more prone to breakouts.  products recommended for this skin type help to minimize oiliness and prevent breakouts. 


 Characterized by lack of oil or sebum production. May be dehydrated, flaky or dull. products recommended for this skin type will help the skin to retain moisture and rejuvenate dull skin.


Characterized by skin prone to redness or irritation. delicate skin. May flush easitly. Products recommended for this skin type are gentle, soothing, non-irritating products. 


Characterized by open and/or closed comedones. Excess oil. inflammation and redness. Products for this skin type help to unclog pores, diminish excess oil, calm irritation and redness from breakouts.  


 Characterized typically by excess oil in t-zone and normal to dryness in cheeks. dry spots. not many breakouts. Products recommended to balance out skin. Best to be evaluated by an aesthetician. 


Characterized by loss of elasticity. Moisture loss. Collagen breakdown. fine lines, wrinkles. Dullness. Products recommended for this skin type help to retain moisture, boost skins production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenate dull, tired skin.