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Spa City Spa in the News

Address Change

Due to emergency response issues, the city of Saratoga Springs has changed our address from 80 Seward Street to 54 Seward Street. We haven't moved, but our street number has changed.

Botox buzz

Dr. Jean Buhac, a Saratoga Springs dermatologist, injects Botox into Jill Wing's forehead. On average, it takes five injections to erase frown lines.

Summer Skin Care

Summer activities like swimming and tennis, even reading a good book, all are ways to get outside and enjoy the warm sun. It is important to protect your skin throughout the year and especially during the next few months.

Wingin' it

Who would have thought when Sophia Loren began touting Oil of Olay face cream to combat wrinkles 30 years ago that someday we'd be injecting botulism into our faces to iron out the lines?