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Waxing is a popular hair removal method, which offers at least two distinctive advantages over using a razor. With waxing, the desired area remains virtually hairless for four to six weeks – sometimes as long as eight weeks. With shaving, you're back to 'square one' after just a couple days. The other major advantage of waxing is that when hair does grow back, it tends to be softer and finer. The opposite is generally true in an area that's been shaved.

The major reason waxing produces superior results is that it removes hair from the root instead of just from the surface. Waxing also tends to exfoliate the top layer of skin, which helps create a smoother, softer appearance.

Whether you’re interested in waxing your bikini line, waxing your legs, or focusing on your eyebrows, waxing is an effective way to create a clean, smooth, well-groomed look almost anywhere on the body. Through the application of precise waxing techniques, men, as well as women, can eliminate unwanted body and facial hair for extended periods of time. A 'best case scenario' is achieved when long-term waxing results in a permanent reduction of hair growth in a targeted area.

If you’ve never undergone a waxing treatment before, we’ve prepared a Q&A section that should answer most of your questions. It outlines some of the pluses and minuses of waxing, and also delves into the qualifications of our waxing specialists.

If waxing is a procedure you’d like to consider to improve your appearance, we invite you to call us at 518-581-1888 to set up an appointment.

Waxing Q&A

Physical depilatory (waxing) is not a new art. Hair removal by waxing has been popular since ancient times.

Why is depilatory waxing so popular?

  • it is quick, simple, convenient, and affordable
  • it is ideal for any size area
  • it can be used on sensitive and delicate areas
  • waxing also removes the thin layer of dead skin leaving it soft and smooth
  • it takes up to 4 to 6 weeks for the hair to grow back before the treatment needs to be repeated (in most areas)
  • finally, the client feels cleaner and fresher

Do you use the same kind of wax for everyone?

Spa City Spa offers a variety of waxing products that are suitable for all our clients varied skin types and conditions. We take special care in determining which removal technique will be most efficient and effective for a given individual.

The speedwaxing method involves the use of a honey based wax with muslin or fiber strips for removal of hair from large areas

The European technique or cold waxing method utilizes a low temperature wax without the use of a strip which is preferable on the face and sensitive areas

Are there any side effects to waxing?

Spa City Spa employs the finest waxing products available. Our top of the line products are all natural and gentle, including our pre and post care products. Our waxes are specifically designed to leave minimal redness or irritation. The possibility of ingrown hairs may be limited by exfoliating before and after waxing.

How much hair growth does one need for waxing?

At least one quarter inch of hair growth is needed for optimal removal of hair with wax.

What qualifications does the epilator (the person performing the waxing) have?

Today more than ever, people are rightly concerned about the safety and qualifications of individuals providing these services. Spa City Spa prides itself on maintaining a highly-trained staff of care givers who are certified and licensed to perform the procedures offered. We fully support our staff in maintaining and furthering their education and in keeping abreast of the newest technology and techniques available. All the aestheticians are fully licensed with New York State. We adhere to the New York State rules regarding sterilization and maintain our facility with the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Our main goal, in addition to offering the best care we can and the newest, most effective treatments, is delivering these treatments in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and provides a feeling of well-being. We value the individual as much as the services we take pride in offering.

Is the hair removal permanent?

No, but Spa City Spa offers an FDA-approved method of permanent hair reduction. For those interested please feel free to call the Medical Spa for a consultation and/or visit the laser section of our web site to see if you are a candidate.

We encourage clients to contact the office for follow up to address any questions or concerns that may arise after receiving any of our services, so that we may continue to provide the highest level of care and continuity.